Prop 28 Funding
California Public Schools

Attention, California schools and educators! We are thrilled to highlight the incredible opportunity that awaits you through the collaboration between Wurrly and 1500 Sound Academy. By leveraging the 20% unrestricted funds allocated under Proposition 28, you can supercharge music education and empower students to excel in the music industry.

Pathways to Success in the Music Industry:

By leveraging the Wurrly + 1500 Sound Academy collaboration, schools and educators can equip students with a competitive edge in the music industry. This comprehensive program not only imparts technical skills but also fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and a deep understanding of the music business. By utilizing the 20% unrestricted funds, you can empower students to pursue their dreams, develop their talents, and thrive in the dynamic world of music production and entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

What is Prop 28 and does the funding apply to Wurrly & 1500 Sound Academy?
The Power of Prop 28 Unrestricted Funds:

Proposition 28—The Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act allots 20% of the AMS funds for training supplies, curriculum, professional learning, materials, and arts educational partnership programs. This is where the collaboration between Wurrly and 1500 Sound Academy aligns perfectly, as it offers a comprehensive music education program that directly qualifies for utilizing these unrestricted funds.
I already have a Soundtrap account. Can I still use Wurrly's CTE Music Production Curriculum
Absolutely! If you already have a Soundtrap account, you can continue to use it alongside Wurrly's CTE Music Production Curriculum. Our curriculum provides instructional materials designed to enhance learning with Soundtrap, allowing you to maximize the benefits of both platforms.
Does the curriculum align with California CTE standards?
Yes, indeed! All lessons provided through the 1500 Sound Academy on the Wurrly platform are fully aligned with California CTE standards, ensuring comprehensive and compliant educational content. Review our course outline and CTE alignment

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