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About 1500 Sound Academy

1500 Sound Academy is a music production and artist development school based in Inglewood, California. It was founded by GRAMMY award-winning producers James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson, who have worked with artists such as Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar. The academy offers a range of programs and courses in music production, songwriting, and artist development, with a focus on preparing students for careers in the music industry.

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About Wurrly

Wurrly is a CODiE-award-winning creative arts platform that empowers K-12 teachers, students, and families to explore their passion for music and the arts. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of artists, musicians, and performers by providing a fun, engaging, and accessible platform for learning and self-expression. Our worry-free platform integrates with Google, Clever, and Classlink—contact us for a demo and free account to preview our co-authored CTE curriculum before you buy.

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1500 lesson plan

Courses Overview

Music Production I - Music production II - Capstone Projects

Music Production I

Explore the basics of music production, from sound theory to using digital audio workstations (DAWs), and start creating your own music.

Music Production II

Advance your skills with in-depth techniques in sound design, arrangement, and production workflows, tailored for aspiring professionals.

Capstone Projects

Engage in real-world projects with guidance from industry pros at 1500 Sound Academy and Young Producers Group, applying your skills in a practical setting.

Join us in empowering the next generation of music producers.
Enroll in our program today and give your students the competitive edge they need to succeed in the music industry.

Straightforward site-license pricing for schools across California. Reduced pricing available for district-wide, multi-site, and multi-year agreements. Check out the cost for 1-year options below.



Offer reflects a 1-year term. Reduced pricing available for district-wide, multi-site, and multi-year agreements.
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Access to the Wurrly platform and unlimited student seats.

Access to a web-based recording studio and interactive learning platform.

Our library of educational resources includes 1200 standards-aligned lessons, modules, and sequences to support the learning journey

Vast music catalog of 6000+ songs with the ability to upload your own.

Advanced features including filters, stickers, balance, and chord/fingering charts for guitar, ukulele, and piano.

Music Production


Offer reflects a 1-year term. Reduced pricing available for district-wide, multi-site, and multi-year agreements.
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Everything in the 'Wurrly Base Package'.

PLUS! All 1500 Sound Academy courses that integrate music production and CTE skills for a comprehensive learning experience.

Beginner & Intermediate Modules for:
- Music Production & Songwriting
- Recording & Mixing
- Music Business & Artist Branding

Music Production +


Offer reflects a 1-year term. Reduced pricing available for district-wide, multi-site, and multi-year agreements.
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Everything in the 'Wurrly Base Package'.

*500 Soundtrap seats per site, unlimited seats for Wurrly and 1500 Sound Academy.

PLUS! All 1500 Sound Academy Courses that integrate music production and CTE skills for a comprehensive learning experience.

PLUS! Soundtrap, a powerful online music production tool that allows you to create and collaborate on music projects. With Soundtrap, you'll have access to a variety of virtual instruments and effects, making it easy to record, edit, and produce professional-quality music from anywhere with an internet connection.

Includes professional development

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Prop 28 Funding
California Public Schools

Attention, California schools and educators! We are thrilled to highlight the incredible opportunity that awaits you through the collaboration between Wurrly and 1500 Sound Academy. By leveraging the 20% unrestricted funds allocated under Proposition 28, you can supercharge music education and empower students to excel in the music industry.

Pathways to Success in the Music Industry:

By leveraging the Wurrly + 1500 Sound Academy collaboration, schools and educators can equip students with a competitive edge in the music industry. This comprehensive program not only imparts technical skills but also fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and a deep understanding of the music business. By utilizing the 20% unrestricted funds, you can empower students to pursue their dreams, develop their talents, and thrive in the dynamic world of music production and entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

What is Prop 28 and does the funding apply to Wurrly & 1500 Sound Academy?
The Power of Prop 28 Unrestricted Funds:

Proposition 28—The Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act allots 20% of the AMS funds for training supplies, curriculum, professional learning, materials, and arts educational partnership programs. This is where the collaboration between Wurrly and 1500 Sound Academy aligns perfectly, as it offers a comprehensive music education program that directly qualifies for utilizing these unrestricted funds.
I already have a Soundtrap account. Can I still use Wurrly's CTE Music Production Curriculum
Absolutely! If you already have a Soundtrap account, you can continue to use it alongside Wurrly's CTE Music Production Curriculum. Our curriculum provides instructional materials designed to enhance learning with Soundtrap, allowing you to maximize the benefits of both platforms.
Does the curriculum align with California CTE standards?
Yes, indeed! All lessons provided through the 1500 Sound Academy on the Wurrly platform are fully aligned with California CTE standards, ensuring comprehensive and compliant educational content. Review our course outline and CTE alignment

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Transform your Class with Express Arts' Integrated Theatre Curriculum

Kickstart your arts integration with Wurrly, combining comprehensive theatre education through Express Arts and innovative, interactive learning in a supportive, kid-friendly environment.

Comprehensive Theatre Education

Our curriculum, developed through collective expertise and a passion for the arts, provides a structured framework that encourages personal growth and artistic exploration. From the fundamentals of acting and improvisation to the intricacies of script analysis and technical production, students are immersed in a world of creative discovery.

Developmental Approach

Tailored to the developmental stages of K-6 students, our program balances foundational skill-building with opportunities for exploration and expression. Through imaginative play, character development, and hands-on technical learning, students grow as individuals and artists, gaining a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Cultural Awareness and Diversity

Express Arts champions inclusivity and global awareness. By exploring diverse cultures and theatrical traditions, we open students' eyes to the rich tapestry of human experience, fostering empathy and understanding in our interconnected world.

Integrated Learning Features

English Language Development (ELD)
We recognize the importance of accessibility in arts education. Our curriculum supports English language learners with adapted materials, ensuring that every student can participate fully and benefit from our program.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Theatre is a powerful medium for personal development. Our curriculum integrates SEL, promoting empathy, self-expression, and resilience. Through collaborative activities and ensemble work, students build a strong sense of community and confidence.

Arts Integration
By connecting theatre to other disciplines, we offer a holistic learning experience. Our interdisciplinary approach enriches students' education, making connections to literature, history, and beyond, and highlighting the universal relevance of the arts."

Wurrly’s Express Arts Pathways

Immerse in the vibrant world of theatre with Wurrly, introducing interactive courses designed for the imaginative minds of tomorrow’s storytellers and actors.

Award-Winning Educational Approach

Recognized for its innovative educational content, Wurrly’s platform with Express Arts brings excellence to theatre education, transforming students into expressive, confident performers.

Rich Partnerships in Theatre Education

Supported by collaborations with theatre professionals and educational experts, our curriculum aligns with the latest in creative teaching methodologies, ensuring a deeply engaging and relevant learning experience.

Foundation in Theatre

Begin with exploring the essentials: character development, narrative structure, and the power of imagination in bringing stories to life on stage.

Music Production I

Initiate your music journey: Students grasp DAW functionalities and foundational sound theory to start creating compelling music pieces.

Music Production II

Elevate music talent: Delve into advanced production techniques, sound design, and arrangement, preparing you for professional creative work.


Culminate learning in a real-world project: Gain invaluable industry mentorship, experience studio workflows, and receive direct feedback from music professionals

Experience Creativity
Fuel Creation

Young Producers Group

YPG stands as a beacon in modern music education, offering curricula that not only empower teachers but also ignite students' passion for creating the music they love. With a focus on the fundamentals of music production, songwriting, and music theory, YPG's curriculum is designed for students across a wide age range, from grades 4-12.

1500 Sound Academy

Founded by industry veterans, 1500 Sound Academy is at the forefront of music production education, offering an immersive experience that transcends traditional learning boundaries. This institution is renowned for its hands-on approach, providing students with the opportunity to learn from Grammy-winning producers and songwriters.

Learn from the Best: Our Teaching Artists

Experience Direct Mentorship from Industry Professionals, Enhancing Your Educational Journey

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Study Smart Tutors: Empowering Academic Success

At the heart of our mission to provide comprehensive education, Study Smart Tutors stands as a pillar of academic excellence and equity. Specializing in elevating students' academic performances, Study Smart Tutors ensures that every learner has the tools for success both inside and outside the creative arts. Their dedication to creating equitable learning environments complements our curriculum, providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for college and beyond. Learn More

Inspire EDU: Connecting Creativity with Careers

Inspire EDU is pivotal in bridging the gap between classroom learning and professional achievement in the creative industries. Through their innovative work-based learning programs and network of industry professionals, Inspire EDU offers students unparalleled insights into the arts and entertainment sectors. Their commitment to real-world learning experiences ensures that Wurrly students are not just prepared for creative careers but are inspired to become the next generation of leaders in their fields. Learn More


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frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered.

What sets Wurrly's CTE Music Production Curriculum apart in music education?

Wurrly’s CTE Music Production Curriculum is unparalleled due to its holistic approach, integrating interactive coursework with the expertise of Study Smart Tutors and the real-world connections provided by Inspire EDU. Beginning with Music Production I, students are introduced to the essentials of music production, progressing through to more sophisticated techniques in Music Production II, and culminating in a practical Capstone project. This pathway is enriched by direct engagement with industry professionals and tailored feedback, ensuring every student is prepared for both academic success and creative careers, fully aligned with UC A-G and CTE standards.

Can beginners engage effectively with Wurrly’s CTE Music Production Curriculum?

Yes, our curriculum is intentionally designed to welcome beginners with open arms. Music Production I lays the foundational knowledge necessary for any student to embark on their music production journey, with Study Smart Tutors providing additional academic support. As they advance, Music Production II offers deeper exploration into production techniques, leading to the Capstone project that leverages Inspire EDU’s industry connections for real-world application. This structured progression ensures accessibility and growth for students at all levels of expertise.

How does the Work-Based Learning (WBL) component enhance the music production curriculum?

The Work-Based Learning component, powered by Inspire EDU, is crucial in transforming classroom concepts into tangible industry experiences. By facilitating interactions with music professionals and providing platforms for practical feedback, students are immersed in the music production landscape, discovering potential career paths. This component not only reinforces the curriculum taught by Wurrly but also equips students with the skills and insights essential for thriving in creative professions.

How is Wurrly’s CTE Music Production Curriculum aligned with California's Prop 28 funding for arts education?

Wurrly’s curriculum is ideally crafted to utilize Prop 28 funds effectively, offering a comprehensive music production education that significantly enhances arts and music offerings in schools. With the support of Study Smart Tutors for academic excellence and Inspire EDU for career-oriented learning, our program meets the high-quality educational standards Prop 28 aims to achieve. Schools can confidently apply Prop 28 funding to our curriculum, ensuring students receive an education that is not only state-standard compliant but also rich in practical industry experiences.

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