1. Snare Drum Fundamentals with Heath Wolf: Dive into the world of snare drumming with Heath Wolf. This beginner course, featuring 60 videos, covers everything from rudiments to natural sticking techniques.
  2. Mallet Fundamentals with Lynn Vartan: Master the mallet instruments through 69 videos with Lynn Vartan. Learn grip techniques, arpeggios, and more.
  3. French Horn Fundamentals with Jeff Nelsen: Explore the french horn in a 70-video series with university professor Jeff Nelsen, covering embouchure to scales.
  4. Flute Fundamentals with Christina Castellanos: Join Christina Castellanos for 69 videos focusing on flute basics, from embouchure techniques to scale mastery.
  5. Saxophone Fundamentals with Charlie Richard: Delve into saxophone playing with Charlie Richard in a 95-video course, covering assembly to jazz etudes.
  6. Tuba Fundamentals with Adam Frey: Learn tuba fundamentals in 57 videos with Adam Frey, focusing on everything from assembly to practice concepts.
  7. Cornerstones for Successful Teaching with Jon Gomez: Gain insights into effective band directing in this 7-video series with Jon Gomez.
  8. Dynamic Symphonic Band Series: Enhance ensemble performance with Richard Saucedo and David Starnes through various courses focusing on ensemble development, individual player improvement, effective rehearsal strategies, and sound production techniques.
  9. Steel Drum Fundamentals with Anne Fennell & Keli Ross-Ma'u: Embark on a 38-video journey into steel drum playing, covering history to improvisation.
  10. Administration Dialogues with Don Jaramillo: Learn the art of working with school administrations in a 14-video series with Don Jaramillo.
  11. Oboe Fundamentals with Dr. Rong-Huey Liu: Master the oboe in 75 videos, covering everything from assembly to your first song.
  12. Euphonium Fundamentals with Adam Frey: Explore euphonium playing in 59 videos, focusing on assembly and practice techniques.
  13. Interview and Workshops with Dr. Jermie Arnold: Gain insights into the life of a clinician in this 6-video series.
  14. Music Essentials with Christine Wolf: Understand music theory basics in 31 videos, from reading music to understanding notes and rhythms.
  15. Instrument Care Courses: Learn to maintain and care for various instruments, including percussion, saxophone, piano, clarinet, brass, and more, with experts like Bret Hughes, Jory Woodis, Dr. Steve Lindeman, Ray Smith, and others.
  16. Drum Set Fundamentals with Jay Tibbitts: Master drum set basics in 76 videos, from rudiments to grooves.
  17. Brass Instrument Fundamentals: Discover the basics of trombone, trumpet, and tuba with Dr. Shannon Roberts, Dr. Seretta Hart, and others.
  18. Piano Fundamentals with Dr. Vedrana Subotic: Engage in 81 videos exploring piano playing, from history to performance tips.
  19. Electric Bass Fundamentals with Alex Rowe: Delve into electric bass playing in 88 videos, covering amplifier use to reading lead sheets.
  20. Lower Brass Articulation with Adam Frey: Enhance your articulation on lower brass instruments in this 22-video intermediate course.
  21. Drum Set History with Daniel Glass: Explore the history of drums in an 8-video series.
  22. Introduction Courses: Start your journey with various instruments, including euphonium, snare drum, timpani, french horn, trumpet, saxophone, flute, trombone, and tuba, with experts like Danny Soulier, Sonja Reynolds, Dr. Randy Lee, and others.
  23. Jazz Instrument Fundamentals: Dive into jazz bass, drumming, and piano with Jeff Campbell, Daniel Glass, and Kate Skinner.
  24. Music Theory and Rhythm Courses: Learn music theory, major and minor scales, the ii-v-i progression, triads, and rhythm and meter with educators like Deb Richardson, Dr. Margot Murdoch, Mel Shore, and Dr. Dariusz Terefenko.
  25. Musical Symbols with Dr. Margot Murdoch: Understand the basics of musical notation in a 24-video course.
  26. Drum Teaching Methods with Rayford Griffin: Explore drumming techniques and career tips in a 17-video series.

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