Intermediate Music Production & Songwriting

The "Intermediate Music Production & Songwriting with 1500 Sound Academy" module is designed to provide students with a more advanced understanding of music production and songwriting. It builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in the introductory module, focusing on various aspects of beat making, melody creation, song structure, storytelling, and creating hooks. This module is ideal for students who are serious about enhancing their skills in music production and songwriting.

1. Genres, Chords, & Tempo (Intermediate L1)

  • Focus: Reviewing music genres, chord progressions, and tempo.
  • Skills Developed: Understanding how to utilize these elements in production and songwriting.
  • Subject Area: General Music, CTE, Music Production

2. Kick, Snare, & Hats (Intermediate L2)

  • Focus: Learning common patterns for kick, snare, and hi-hat in different genres.
  • Skills Developed: Identifying and applying rhythmic patterns specific to genres.
  • Subject Area: General Music, CTE, Music Production

3. Velocity Swing Feel (Intermediate L3)

  • Focus: Understanding the role of velocity and swing in creating the feel of a track.
  • Skills Developed: Humanizing sound in digital music production.
  • Subject Area: General Music, CTE, Music Production

4. Melody, Call & Response (Intermediate L4)

  • Focus: Exploring melody and call & response patterns in music.
  • Skills Developed: Identifying and utilizing melodic patterns in production.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music Production, Songwriting

5. Song Structure / Songs (Intermediate L5)

  • Focus: Exploring the basic structure of songs.
  • Skills Developed: Understanding and creating different song sections.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music Production, Songwriting

6. Hooks & The Phrase That Pays (Intermediate L6)

  • Focus: Identifying and creating catchy hooks in songs.
  • Skills Developed: Songwriting skills, focusing on memorable and effective hooks.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Songwriting

7. Creating a Story (Intermediate L7)

  • Focus: Storytelling through verses and choruses.
  • Skills Developed: Using narrative elements to craft a song.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Songwriting

8. Artistic Boundaries (Intermediate L8)

  • Focus: Understanding different types of artistic boundaries in songwriting.
  • Skills Developed: Utilizing creative limits to enhance songwriting.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Songwriting

This module is an excellent resource for students looking to deepen their understanding of the complexities of music production and songwriting. It encourages creativity, technical skill, and a thoughtful approach to music creation.

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Intermediate Music Production & Songwriting
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