1. Viola Fundamentals with Dr. LeeAnn Morgan: Embark on a 31-video journey into viola playing, focusing on musicianship and practice routines.
  2. Cello Fundamentals with Eric Linnes-Bagley: Master the cello through 60 videos covering posture and practice techniques for beginners.
  3. Violin Fundamentals + Foundation with Angela Harman: Dive into 48 videos on violin playing, exploring everything from history to initial techniques.
  4. Double Bass Fundamentals with Cielito de Jesus: Learn double bass in an 86-video series, from holding the bow to playing melodies.
  5. Viola Fundamentals with Amber Arnold: Discover the viola in 62 videos, covering instrument parts to new melodies.
  6. Music Essentials with Christine Wolf: Grasp the basics of music theory in 31 videos, including reading music and understanding notes and rhythms.
  7. Violin Fundamentals with Dr. LeeAnn Morgan: Join Dr. Morgan for 74 videos on violin fundamentals, from musicianship to practice routines.
  8. Cello Fundamentals with Hailey Heninger: Explore cello playing in 59 videos, focusing on history to performance etiquette.
  9. Piano Fundamentals with Dr. Vedrana Subotic: Engage in 81 videos on piano playing, from history to performance tips.
  10. Introduction to Harp with LeAnne Bennion: Learn harp basics in 14 videos, covering purchasing tips to fingering positions.
  11. Introduction to Cello with Kayson Brown: Delve into cello playing with 14 videos, from holding the instrument to vibrato techniques.
  12. Introduction to Upright Bass with Josh Skinner: Master upright bass in 10 videos, focusing on tone production to fingerboard theory.
  13. Introduction to Violin with Glenda Gleaves: Begin violin learning in 14 videos, from opening the case to synchronizing your hands.
  14. Introduction to Viola with Glenda Gleaves: Start viola playing in 15 videos, covering the basics from case opening to hand synchronization.
  15. Instrument Care for Violin and Viola with Dr. LeeAnn Morgan: Maintain your violin and viola with 11 videos on cleaning and instrument parts.
  16. Introduction to Jazz Bass with Jeff Campbell: Explore jazz bass in 14 videos, from amplification to walking the bass line.
  17. Instrument Care for the Cello with John Eckstein: Learn cello maintenance in 11 videos, covering cleaning, repair, and storage.
  18. Instrument Care for the Bass with Denson Angulo: Discover bass instrument care in 11 videos, from acoustic and electric bass maintenance to string changing.
  19. Introduction to Piano with Deb Richardson: Begin piano playing in 16 videos, focusing on basic techniques and dynamic variation.
  20. Rhythm and Meter with Dr. Margot Murdoch: Master rhythm and meter in 21 videos, from basic vocabulary to syncopation.
  21. Introduction to Music Theory with Deb Richardson: Learn basic music theory in 15 videos, from musical alphabets to rhythm reading.
  22. Major Scales with Mel Shore: Understand major scales in 14 videos, from notation to key signatures.
  23. Minor Scales with Mel Shore: Delve into minor scales in 13 videos, covering theory to the circle of fourths.
  24. ii-v-i Progression with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko: Advance in jazz theory with 10 videos on the ii-V-I chord progression.
  25. Triads with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko: Explore triad theory in 12 videos, from simple chords to improvisation.
  26. Musical Symbols with Dr. Margot Murdoch: Learn to read music symbols in a 24-video series, from dynamics to tempo.

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