. Research Other Artists (Intermediate L1)

  • Focus: Teaching students how to research an artist and identify influential characteristics and ideas.
  • Skills Developed: Artist research and analysis.
  • Subject Area: CTE

2. Artwork Technical Specs (Intermediate L2)

  • Focus: Learning to identify and analyze proper specifications for cover art images and videos for music releases.
  • Skills Developed: Understanding technical requirements for digital artwork.
  • Subject Area: CTE

3. Publishing (Intermediate L3)

  • Focus: Understanding the role of music publishers, researching real publishing companies, and creating mock publishing companies.
  • Skills Developed: Knowledge of music publishing and practical application.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music Production, Songwriting

4. Royalties and Sales (Intermediate L4)

  • Focus: Learning how royalties and sales are distributed in the music industry and the different types of royalties.
  • Skills Developed: Understanding of music industry economics.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music Production, Songwriting

5. Distribution & Deliverables (Intermediate L5)

  • Focus: Learning about different digital distribution services and the required deliverables for each.
  • Skills Developed: Knowledge of music distribution channels and requirements.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music Production, Songwriting

6. Sync Licensing (Intermediate L6)

  • Focus: Understanding what sync licensing is, the role of music supervisors, and the process of placing music in visual media.
  • Skills Developed: Knowledge of sync licensing and application in media.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Music in Other Subjects, Songwriting

7. Promoting a Release (Review) (Intermediate L7)

  • Focus: Reviewing and deepening understanding of various ways to promote a music release.
  • Skills Developed: Advanced music promotion techniques.
  • Subject Area: CTE, Songwriting

8. Shows & Touring (Review) (Intermediate L8)

  • Focus: Reviewing and deepening understanding of booking shows and organizing tours in the music industry.
  • Skills Developed: Advanced knowledge of tour management.
  • Subject Area: CTE

This module is particularly beneficial for students looking to explore and understand the complexities and nuances of the music business, offering practical insights and skills necessary for a range of careers within the industry.

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