1. Elementary Choir Fundamentals with Terri McKee: Dive into a 53-video series covering the essentials of being part of an elementary choir, including member responsibilities and warm-ups.
  2. Building an Exemplary Middle School Choir with Emerick Dee: Learn in 28 videos how to create an outstanding middle school choir program, from choir code to concert planning.
  3. American Spiritual Ensemble with Dr. Everett McCorvey: Explore American Spirituals in 6 videos, understanding their history and the call-and-response format.
  4. Real Kids Real Singing with Dr. Lynn Brinkmeyer: In 47 videos, learn fundamental singing techniques, including tone production and performance etiquette.
  5. Music Essentials with Christine Wolf: This 31-video course covers the very basics of music theory, from reading music to understanding notes and rhythms.
  6. Piano Fundamentals with Dr. Vedrana Subotic: Spanning 81 videos, this course teaches piano fundamentals, from historical context to performance tips.
  7. Vocal Fundamentals with Dr. Reed Criddle: In 76 videos, master fundamental vocal production techniques, including correct posture and stage presence.
  8. Instrument Care for the Voice with Dr. Diane Reich: Learn in 9 videos how to properly care for and maintain vocal health, including vocal techniques.
  9. Choral Rehearsal Techniques with Bill Weinert: This 10-video course covers essential choir rehearsal methods, from basic rehearsal strategies to blending voices.
  10. Rhythm and Meter with Dr. Margot Murdoch: Understand rhythm and meter in a 21-video series, from basic vocabulary to mastering syncopation.
  11. Introduction to Music Theory with Deb Richardson: This 15-video series covers the basics of music theory, from the musical alphabet to reading and performing rhythms.
  12. Introduction to Jazz Voice with Kate Skinner: Delve into jazz vocals in 11 videos, learning about form and pronunciation.
  13. Major Scales with Mel Shore: Understand major scales in 14 videos, covering standard notation and key signatures.
  14. Minor Scales with Mel Shore: Explore minor scales in 13 videos, from theory to the circle of fourths.
  15. ii-v-i Progression with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko: Deepen your understanding of jazz theory in 10 videos, focusing on voice leading and chord progression substitutions.
  16. Triads with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko: Learn about triads in 12 videos, from basic chords to improvisation techniques.
  17. Musical Symbols with Dr. Margot Murdoch: Understand musical symbols in 24 videos, covering dynamics, tempo, and more.
  18. Backup Vocal Performance with Jeanette Olsson: Gain insights into backup singing in 13 videos, from session work to vocal training.
  19. Nurturing Vocal Ability with Dean Kaelin: Develop your vocal skills in 10 videos, covering current music trends and techniques for becoming a great singer.
  20. David Cook on Idol and Beyond: Learn from David Cook in 11 videos about his journey through American Idol and his subsequent career.
  21. Session Singing with Windy Wagner: Understand the intricacies of session singing in 17 videos, including breaking into the industry and self-arranging.

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