1. Guitar Fundamentals with Ryan Tilby: A 75-video series covering the basics of guitar playing, including tuning and reading tablature.
  2. Rock Guitar Fundamentals with Andy Wood: In 58 videos, learn the essentials of rock guitar, including bending and vibrato techniques.
  3. Freddie Green Comping with Brady Bills: A 94-video course focusing on Freddie Green's comping style, from chord progressions to stylistic nuances.
  4. Guitar Fundamentals 2 with Ryan Tilby: Another 89-video course from Ryan Tilby, further exploring guitar basics.
  5. Metal Guitar Fundamentals with Ben Eller: A 69-video beginner course covering the fundamentals of metal guitar, including distortion and speed techniques.
  6. Guitar Modes with Chris Buono: A 92-video series teaching guitar modes, from Ionian to Locrian, and their application in soloing and melodic playing.
  7. Brazilian Guitar with Mike Christiansen: Learn Brazilian guitar styles in 53 videos, focusing on sound and harmonies.
  8. Ukulele Fundamentals with Colin Botts: A 71-video course designed for elementary students, covering ukulele basics.
  9. Blues Guitar Fundamentals with Josh Smith: In 96 videos, delve into blues guitar techniques, including chord glossaries and licks.
  10. Jazz Guitar Fundamentals with Noel Johnston: A comprehensive 106-video beginner course on jazz guitar, covering picks, strings, and sound.
  11. Classical Guitar Chords, Arpeggios, and Scales with Jaxon Williams: An intermediate 24-video course on classical guitar techniques, including chords and arpeggios.
  12. Mark Lettieri Masterclass Session: A 4-video series with insights into the music industry and being a professional musician.
  13. Life As A Musician with Mark Lettieri: Another 4-video series exploring the life and experiences of a full-time musician.
  14. Music Essentials with Christine Wolf: A 31-video course on music theory fundamentals, ideal for guitarists.
  15. Classical Guitar Techniques with Jaxon Williams: A 24-video beginner course on classical guitar playing, from posture to plucking.
  16. Electric Bass Fundamentals with Alex Rowe: An 88-video beginner course on electric bass, covering amplifiers and lead sheets.
  17. Ukulele Fundamentals with Trey Terada: A 32-video beginner course on ukulele basics, from tuning to playing popular songs.
  18. Funk Guitar Fundamentals with Mark Lettieri: A 32-video advanced course on funk guitar, including 9th chords and play-alongs.
  19. Instrument Care for the Guitar with Reo Stika: Learn guitar maintenance in 14 videos, covering instrument care.
  20. Instrument Care for the Bass with Denson Angulo: An 11-video series on maintaining bass guitars, both acoustic and electric.
  21. Introduction to Banjo with Ryan Tilby: A 19-video beginner course on playing the banjo, from tuning to tablature.
  22. Introduction to Mandolin with Ryan Tilby: Learn mandolin basics in 16 videos, from tuning to scales.
  23. Songwriting and Production with Eric Tingstad: A 25-video course by Grammy winner Eric Tingstad, covering guitar techniques, songwriting, and studio production.

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