1. Mark Lettieri Masterclass Session (4 Videos): Learn about the music industry, band membership, and recording from Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettieri.
  2. Asha Mevlana on Overcoming Trials Through Music (1 Video): Discover how music can be a coping mechanism through Asha Mevlana's personal journey, including her battle with breast cancer.
  3. Music Essentials with Christine Wolf (31 Videos): A beginner's guide to music theory, covering reading music, notes, and rhythms.
  4. Dan Reynolds on Creating Music With A Cause (3 Videos): Explore the concept of meaningful music with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.
  5. Drum Set Fundamentals with Jay Tibbitts (76 Videos): A beginner course on drumming, covering rudiments and grooves.
  6. Piano Fundamentals with Dr. Vedrana Subotic (81 Videos): Learn piano from basics to performance tips.
  7. Electric Bass Fundamentals with Alex Rowe (88 Videos): A beginner's guide to playing the bass, including amplifier use and lead sheet playing.
  8. Stuart Maxfield on Versatility in Music (4 Videos): Insights into the life of artist Stuart Maxfield, including dealing with rejection and the creative process.
  9. Funk Guitar Fundamentals with Mark Lettieri (32 Videos): Advanced techniques in funk guitar, including 9th chords and play-alongs.
  10. Setting Up Your MIDI Composition Workstation with Lisle Moore (23 Videos): Learn MIDI composition setup and best practices from a movie trailer and theme song composer.
  11. Mike Lurato on Artist Management (19 Videos): Insights into artist management, covering contracts and maintaining success in the music industry.
  12. Music Production Fundamentals with Nate Pyfer (91 Videos): Beginner's guide to recording and mixing a record.
  13. Drum Set History with Daniel Glass (8 Videos): Explore the history of drum sets and their evolution.
  14. Introduction to Jazz Bass with Jeff Campbell (14 Videos): Basics of playing jazz bass, from amplification to walking the bass line.
  15. Writing Hit Songs with Jacob Luttrell (26 Videos): Techniques for becoming a hit songwriter, from knowing your audience to production.
  16. Introduction to Piano with Deb Richardson (16 Videos): Beginner's guide to piano playing, covering basic techniques and dynamic variation.
  17. Chris Crabb on Being Part of a Band (8 Videos): Insights into band rehearsal and establishing a brand.
  18. Scott Wiley on Studio Preparation (10 Videos): Preparing for recording studio sessions, including song selection and working with producers.
  19. Rhythm and Meter with Dr. Margot Murdoch (21 Videos): A beginner's guide to rhythm and meter, from basic vocabulary to syncopation.
  20. Instrument Care for the Drum Set with Bobby James (17 Videos): Maintaining your drum set, including tuning and drum head care.
  21. Introduction to Jazz Drumming with Daniel Glass (9 Videos): Basics of jazz drumming, including brush use and comping.
  22. Introduction to Music Theory with Deb Richardson (15 Videos): Beginner's guide to music theory, from the musical alphabet to rhythm reading and performance.
  23. Skylar Grey on Songwriting (32 Videos): Insights into the concepts of being a songwriter from Grammy winner Skylar Grey.
  24. Major Scales with Mel Shore (14 Videos): Understanding major scales, including standard notation and key signatures.
  25. Minor Scales with Mel Shore (13 Videos): Theory of minor scales and the circle of fourths.
  26. ii-v-i Progression with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko (10 Videos): Advanced jazz theory exercises on the ii-V-I chord progression.
  27. Triads with Dr. Dariusz Terefenko (12 Videos): Fundamentals of triads, from simple chords to improvisation techniques.
  28. Musical Symbols with Dr. Margot Murdoch (24 Videos): Basics of reading music, including dynamics and tempo.
  29. Wally Minko on Studio Arranging (15 Videos): Studio arranging techniques and best practices.
  30. Tony Asher on Traditional Cowriting (16 Videos): Fundamentals of traditional co-writing, from musical beginnings to songwriting rules.
  31. Tim Fagan on Songwriting and Publishing (12 Videos): Techniques of songwriting from start to finish, including music theory.
  32. Scott Krippayne on Songwriting Careers (26 Videos): Basics of songwriting techniques,

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