1. General Music L1: Become a Music Reviewer!

  • Objective: Students step into the role of a music reviewer, differentiating it from that of a critic. They choose and analyze one song they feel connected to and one they don't, exploring the reasons behind their preferences.
  • Subject Area: General Music

2. General Music L2: How Dynamics, Tempo & Timbre Affect Our Connection To Music

  • Objective: This lesson delves into how dynamics, tempo, and timbre impact emotional expression in music. Students hypothesize and test how these elements affect spoken words and songs, leading to an understanding of emotional connection in music.
  • Subject Area: General Music

3. General Music L3: Perspectives in Music

  • Objective: Expanding students' understanding of different perspectives in music, including those of songwriters, performers, producers, and listeners. The lesson focuses on how cultural experiences influence music creation and perception.
  • Subject Area: General Music

4. General Music L4: Patterns

  • Objective: Students explore how musical patterns influence personal preferences. They examine the cultural and historical contexts of these patterns and consider how a music reviewer might interpret them.
  • Subject Area: General Music

5. General Music L5: Full Review With Reflection

  • Objective: Students create a comprehensive review of a chosen song. They analyze how various musical elements work together and how different cultures, genres, and historical periods shape our connection to the music.
  • Subject Area: General Music

6. General Music L6: Bringing It All Together!

  • Objective: In this collaborative exercise, students pair up to review a new song. They apply their accumulated knowledge to identify the perspectives, musical concepts, cultural influences, and patterns that resonate with them in the music.
  • Subject Area: General Music

Each lesson in this module is designed to foster a deeper understanding of music, encouraging students to think critically about what they hear and feel. By stepping into the role of a music reviewer, students gain valuable insights into the multifaceted world of music, encompassing emotional, cultural, and technical aspects. This approach not only enhances their appreciation of music but also develops their analytical and reflective skills.

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