1. culture. This lesson serves as a general overview, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of the genre.
  2. Category: General Music
  3. History Of Hip Hop 2: Origins (repeated 3 times): These lessons delve into the early beginnings of hip-hop. Students learn about its roots and the innovative aspects of the genre, particularly beatboxing, which played a significant role in its creation.
  4. Category: General Music
  5. History of Hip Hop 3: Pioneers (repeated 3 times): Focused on the trailblazers of hip-hop, these lessons explore the heritage, DJ styles, and cultural impact of the genre's early influencers. Understanding the pioneers' backgrounds provides insight into the diversity and richness of hip-hop.
  6. Category: General Music, Music in Other Subjects
  7. History Of Hip Hop 4: New School/Golden Age (repeated 3 times): These lessons examine the pivotal era in hip-hop history known as the New School or Golden Age, which occurred in the mid-to-late 1980s. Students will practice performing hip-hop and study the artists and elements that contributed to this defining period. The lessons include learning about the evolution from old school to new school hip-hop and performing a song from the Golden Age with a modern interpretation.
  8. Category: Voice, General Music

Each lesson in the module offers a unique perspective on the various eras and aspects of hip-hop, enriching students' understanding of this influential and culturally significant musical genre.

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History of Hip Hop