Intro to Music Production & Songwriting

The "Intro to Music Production & Songwriting with 1500 Sound Academy" module offers a comprehensive and practical approach to music production and songwriting. It's designed to give budding music creators a strong foundation in the concepts, terminology, and techniques of modern studio track composition. Additionally, the module demystifies the songwriting process, providing insights into melodic and lyrical development. This module is particularly notable for its association with 1500 Sound Academy, co-founded by acclaimed music industry professionals. The module consists of ten lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of music production and songwriting:

1. Music Production & Songwriting (L1): Soundtrap (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), specifically Soundtrap. Students learn about the purpose, function, and navigation of a DAW, and start building basic musical ideas using loops.
  • Subjects: Career and Technical Education (CTE)

2. Music Production & Songwriting (L2): Equipment (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Understanding the tools and equipment necessary for music production and exploring options for creating a personal studio setup.
  • Subjects: CTE

3. Music Production & Songwriting (L3): Genres of Music (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Exploring different musical genres, identifying genre-defining elements, personal genre preferences, and current popular genres.
  • Subjects: CTE, Songwriting

4. Music Production & Songwriting (L4): Searching For Sounds (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Learning how to search and select sounds in Soundtrap, understanding the difference between loops and one-shot sounds.
  • Subjects: CTE

5. Music Production & Songwriting (L5): Tempo & Loops (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Exploring the importance of tempo in music and its effect on loops and overall musical expression.
  • Subjects: CTE

6. Music Production & Songwriting (L6): Drum Programming (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Delving into drum programming using patterns, beat-makers, and loops in Soundtrap.
  • Subjects: CTE

7. Music Production & Songwriting (L7): Intro to Music Theory (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Basic music theory as it relates to music production, including key setting and creating musical ideas with various tone loops.
  • Subjects: CTE

8. Music Production & Songwriting (L8): Bass Lines (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Understanding the significance of basslines across genres and applying this knowledge to create beats using drum and bass.
  • Subjects: CTE

9. Music Production & Songwriting (L9): Chord Progressions (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Basics of chord progressions, including triads, key relationships, tension and release in dissonance and harmony.
  • Subjects: CTE

10. Music Production & Songwriting (L10): Collaboration (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: The importance of collaboration in music production, including understanding roles and collaborative project work using Soundtrap.
  • Subjects: CTE

This module is ideal for students who are passionate about music and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the technical and creative aspects of music production and songwriting. The lessons are structured to build progressively, ensuring a thorough grounding in each topic.

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Intro to Music Production & Songwriting
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