Intro to Recording & Mixing

The "Intro to Recording & Mixing with 1500 Sound Academy" module offers an in-depth exploration of recording and mixing techniques using a digital audio workstation (DAW). This module is particularly valuable due to its association with the 1500 Sound Academy, co-founded by industry professionals James Fauntleroy, Larrance “Rance” Dopson, and Twila True. It's designed to provide students with practical skills in modern recording and mixing, crucial for anyone interested in music production. The module comprises ten lessons, each focusing on a specific aspect of recording and mixing:

1. Recording & Mixing (L1): Recording History (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: The evolution of recording history from early methods to modern studio and home studio setups.
  • Subjects: Career and Technical Education (CTE)

2. Recording & Mixing (L2): Setting Up (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Setting up a basic recording environment including a microphone, interface, and computer, and creating an audio track in Soundtrap.
  • Subjects: CTE

3. Recording & Mixing (L3): Recording (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Process of recording vocals using a simple setup in Soundtrap.
  • Subjects: CTE

4. Recording & Mixing (L4): Intro to Mixing (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Basics of mixing, including volume leveling with faders.
  • Subjects: CTE

5. Recording & Mixing (L5): What is EQ? (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Understanding Equalizers (EQ), their parameters, uses, and applying EQ in a mix.
  • Subjects: CTE

6. Recording & Mixing (L6): Stereo Imaging (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Techniques for panning and creating stereo imaging in a mix.
  • Subjects: CTE

7. Recording & Mixing (L7): Compression (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Utilizing compression to control audio levels and applying compression in musical projects.
  • Subjects: CTE

8. Recording & Mixing (L8): Reverb (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Understanding the types and roles of reverb in a mix and its application.
  • Subjects: CTE

9. Recording & Mixing (L9): Delay (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Learning about delay, its usage, and application in an audio track.
  • Subjects: CTE

10. Recording & Mixing (L10): Stems (1500 Sound Academy)

  • Focus: Preparing individual stems, exporting a single stem, and creating a stereo bounce.
  • Subjects: CTE

This module is perfect for students who have a foundational knowledge of music production and wish to enhance their skills in recording and mixing. The lessons progress logically, building upon each other to develop a comprehensive understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of the recording and mixing process.

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Intro to Recording & Mixing
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