Course Overview:

Course 1:

  • Lessons (16 Total):
  • Introduction
  • Drum Set Setup
  • Grip
  • Wrist Pivot
  • Whip Motion
  • The Prep Motion
  • The Tap Stroke
  • Wrist Accent
  • Prep Stroke
  • Whip Accent
  • Sound Quality
  • Tap Stroke Exercise
  • Motion Exercise
  • Bass Drum Prep Motion
  • Leg Stroke Motion
  • Grooves 1,3,6,9
  • Playalongs (12 Total):17-28. Various song lessons and performances (e.g., "Calm Before The Storm," "The Kid," "Holiday," "Wild Funk," "Van's Girl," "I Don't Know")

Course 2:

  • Lessons (11 Total):
  • Technique & Motion Exercises
  • The Single Diddle
  • Diddles
  • Hi-Hat Closed Sound
  • Open Hi-Hat Sound
  • Splash Hi-Hat Sound
  • Toe Stroke
  • Ankle Stroke
  • Ankle Stroke Exercise
  • Groove Exercise #1: Ghost Notes
  • Groove Exercises #2
  • Playalongs (12 Total):12-23. Various song lessons and performances (e.g., "Give Me The Slip," "One Way Ticket," "What Goes Around," "All Or Nothing," "Jasmine Flower," "She's A Runner")

Key Benefits:

  • Structured Learning: The course offers a step-by-step approach to develop technique, grooves, and rhythm skills.
  • Expert Instruction: Mike Packer's extensive background provides valuable insights and techniques.
  • Practical Application: Playalong sessions allow for immediate application of lessons in musical contexts.
  • Versatility: The course covers a range of techniques and styles, preparing students for various musical scenarios.

This course is ideal for drummers who are serious about building a solid foundation and improving their skills systematically. With a combination of technical lessons and practical playalong sessions, students can expect a comprehensive learning experience.

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