Ukulele I

This module offers an engaging and comprehensive introduction to the ukulele, guiding students through various fundamental skills and culminating in a performance. Here's a summary of each of the six lessons:

  1. Ukulele 1: Introduction To The Ukulele
  2. Focus: Basic orientation to the ukulele, including holding the instrument, naming its parts, tuning, and playing the first chord.
  3. Skills: Learning the ukulele's anatomy, tuning, basic strumming, and the C chord.
  4. Application: Playing along with a 1 chord jam.
  5. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  6. Ukulele 1: First Three Chords
  7. Focus: Learning three essential chords (Am, F, C) and exploring chord progressions in different keys.
  8. Skills: Chord playing, understanding chord progressions, and reflective learning.
  9. Application: Playing "I Lived" by One Republic.
  10. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  11. Ukulele 1: Three Finger Chord
  12. Focus: Adding the G chord to the repertoire and exploring common chord progressions.
  13. Skills: Chord progression understanding, group practice, recording, and reflection.
  14. Application: Learning and recording an additional song.
  15. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  16. Ukulele 1: Getting Fluent
  17. Focus: Developing fluency in chord transitions.
  18. Skills: Practicing chord transitions, recording performances, and providing peer feedback.
  19. Application: Recording and reviewing personal performance.
  20. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  21. Ukulele 1: Picking the melody
  22. Focus: Learning to pick melodies on the ukulele.
  23. Skills: Understanding melody and chord relationships, aural skills, transitioning between strumming and picking.
  24. Application: Recording a performance that integrates learned skills.
  25. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  26. Ukulele 1: Performance
  27. Focus: Developing stage presence and performance skills.
  28. Skills: Performance preparation, stage presence, reflection on the learning journey.
  29. Application: Performing at least three songs from the repertoire.
  30. Categories: General Music, Modern Band

Each lesson builds upon the previous one, progressively enhancing students' skills and confidence in playing the ukulele. This comprehensive approach not only teaches technical skills but also encourages reflective learning and performance readiness.

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Ukulele I