Ukulele II

The Ukulele 2 module is designed as an intermediate course, focusing on enhancing students' playing skills, understanding of music theory, and creative expression through the ukulele. Here's a breakdown of each lesson:

  1. Ukulele 2: Introduction to Melody
  2. Focus: Understanding the relationship between melody and harmony, and exploring the concept of dissonance.
  3. Skills: Creating a melody over given chord progressions.
  4. Application: Composing a unique top-line melody.
  5. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  6. Ukulele 2: Vamps
  7. Focus: Learning to play ukulele vamps with specific chords (A7, C7, D, D7, G7) and strumming patterns.
  8. Skills: Playing vamps fluently on the ukulele.
  9. Application: Practicing strumming patterns and chord sequences.
  10. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  11. Ukulele 2: Bringing It Together!
  12. Focus: Integrating knowledge of melody, chords, and vamps through chord progression exploration.
  13. Skills: Combining different musical elements into cohesive playing.
  14. Application: Practicing and blending learned concepts.
  15. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  16. Ukulele 2: Covers and Originals
  17. Focus: Finalizing a cover song and completing an original song composition.
  18. Skills: Understanding song form, chord progressions, and melodic patterns.
  19. Application: Writing and refining an original song.
  20. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  21. Ukulele 2: Expressive Intent
  22. Focus: Exploring how musical concepts like tempo, dynamics, timbre, articulation, and phrasing convey emotion and intent.
  23. Skills: Applying musical concepts to enhance expressive intent in performance.
  24. Application: Performing an original piece with expressive techniques.
  25. Categories: General Music, Modern Band
  26. Ukulele 2: Proudly Presenting...
  27. Focus: Showcasing everything learned in the module through final performances.
  28. Skills: Performing both a cover and an original song.
  29. Application: Presenting a culmination of the module's learnings in a performance setting.
  30. Categories: General Music, Modern Band

This course aims to deepen students' musicality, creativity, and technical skills on the ukulele, preparing them for more advanced playing and personal artistic expression.

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Ukulele II