Voice (Foundational)

The "Voice (Foundational)" module is designed to teach beginner voice students the basics of vocal technique, from breathing to vocal projection. This sequence, part of the Modern Band curriculum, comprises six lessons that cover essential aspects of singing. Here's an overview of each lesson:

1. Voice Lesson 1: Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Objective: Develop good practices for diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Skills Developed: Proper breathing technique for singing.
  • Subject Area: Voice

2. Voice 2: Vowel Shapes

  • Objective: Practice singing with correct vowel shapes.
  • Skills Developed: Clarity and accuracy in vowel pronunciation while singing.
  • Subject Area: Voice

3. Voice 3: Diction

  • Objective: Learn techniques for clear diction while singing.
  • Skills Developed: Pronunciation and enunciation in singing.
  • Subject Area: Voice

4. Voice 4: Major Scales

  • Objective: Practice singing Major scales using proper technique.
  • Skills Developed: Scale singing, pitch accuracy, and vocal control.
  • Subject Area: Songwriting

5. Voice 5: Minor Scales

  • Objective: Practice singing minor scales with proper vocal technique.
  • Skills Developed: Understanding and singing minor scales.
  • Subject Area: Songwriting

6. Blending Head Voice and Chest Voice

  • Objective: Practice exercises to transition smoothly between chest voice and head voice.
  • Skills Developed: Vocal register blending, control, and application in songs.
  • Subject Area: Voice, General Music
  • Standards Addressed: MU:Pr4.3.3a, MU:Pr4.3.4a, MU:Pr4.3.5a, MU:Pr5.1.3b, MU:Pr5.1.4b, MU:Pr5.1.5b

Through these lessons, students will gain foundational skills in vocal technique, including breathing, diction, scale singing, and blending vocal registers. These skills are crucial for developing a strong and versatile singing voice. The lessons are also designed to be engaging and practical, allowing students to apply their learning to real singing contexts.

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Voice (Foundational)